Snowmobile Trail Conditions

2/27/20 - Currently 8:00 A.M. Another bombed forecast by the weathermen! We ended up with about 3” of snow. It’s white outside, but that’s about it. There’s not enough to go out and ride on, although I did see snowmobiled out yesterday, but youcwould have to be nuts to go out and ride right now. There’s no base at all and whatever  did come down will blow right off the trail in a couple passes. Wish I had better news, but I don’t. They show some lake effect today, but only calling for an inch. If we end up getting more I will update accordingly. 

2/26/20 - Currently 12:00 P.M. So far we have received 2” of snow and it’s currently very lightly snowing. Nothing to get excited about yet, but it’s a start. Will up date again tonight or again tomorrow, given how much more comes down in that time frame. 

2/24/20 - Currently 4:00 P.M. There's absolutely no snow on the ground as we speak, (well in the spots where then sun doesn't hit there is).  The ground is half cold and half warm.  The winter of 2019/2020 has been a huge dissapointment in this area.  It was so dissapointing I even threw in the towel on a new sled I just bought a couple years ago and sold it.  I've had enough, however, I still have a backup sled, because I will always love the sport of snowmobiling.  With that being said, we are currently under a winter watch, which I am sure will be upgraded to a winter warning by tomorrow.  If forecasts hold true, and they are pinpointing us as getting a great deal of snow this week, this would be my guess, your last week/only week to ride this year.  I could be wrong, because its only late February, but we are predicted cold temps all week and a NW wind to kick in the lake effect snow guns at the end of the week!  These are the perfect elements for alot of snow.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I will keep everyone updated daily, but lets just hope they dont bomb this forecast and we finally get to ride this week!    

2/13/20 - Currently 1:00 P.M.  Not much to update. We received maybe an inch and a half of new snow.  The grass is currently barely covered.  They say we are supposed to maybe get 1-3" today.  Sun was just out melting the snow off the pavement.  If we get more tonight, I will update, but after tonight, I will be out of town for a week and will not be able togive any more updates till we get back.  Is a total of 2-3" of snow on the ground at most.  I dont think the trails are open, and you couldnt pay me to try and find out right now.  Hope for more snow.  Thats it for now! 

2/11/20 - Currently 7:00 P.M.  We have been getting calls asking about snow here.  Ever since the little bit we got from last time, we haven't received anything since.  Theres maybe 1-2" of snow on the ground, with bare spots here and there.  We are under a winter advisory until thursday, but are only calling for 2-5".  If we got 5" plus I would say give the trails a shot, but as of now thats all there is to report.  I wil be going on vacation after Thursday so I will try to get an update by Thursday night, as they aren't calling for anymore snow after that.  Overall consensus of this winter is, what a piss poor winter we had!  

2/7/20 - Currently 8:30 A.M.  After this snow system has come
and gone, we received a total of 3-4”  It was very light snow with no moisture to it and will probably settle down next to nothing over the next few days. The ground is still warm which won’t help matters any. This winter has been absolute shit this year. Looks to stay in the 30s for the foreseeable future but it doesn’t look like much snow is in the way. If I were to guess, I don’t think the trails will be open with the little amount we received, but I could be wrong. I would check out the local clubs Facebook pages to be sure. I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip up here. Will update again is we get more snow. 

1/21/20 -  Currently 5:30 P.M. There is nothing new to update.  Got a couple snowmobiles in and they said the trails were okay.  The sun came out and the temps are creeping up, we need more snow or else what we have will be as good as gone.  You could probably ride tonight, but by tomorrow you can stick a fork in it.  New storm coming this week, maybe we will get a lot of snow from it?  However the temps wont help matters any.  Will update again when somnething happens.  Think snow!

1/20/20 - Currently 10:00 A.M. We had quite a few snowmobiles ride in yesterday. Sounds like the heavy wet stuff set up for a hard base. Riders were saying the trails were decent, given the amount of snow. There sounds to be a lot of water holes out there though. We have had some cold temps at night so hopefully they will freeze up. There’s a massive water hole between Lawton and the highway headed towards paw paw. Three snowmobiles got buried from what I was told. Lawton south begins to thin out. Paw paw and north then snow gets better. Given the way this year is going, I would ride today and tomorrow, and give it a break while the temps warm back up again. I wouldn’t make the trip from Chicago to come riding though. There just isn’t a ton of snow. If I were to guess, we maybe have 5-6 inches with 2-3 inches of heavy wet snow/ice. I haven’t hit the trail myself personally so I am going off what people told me yesterday when they stopped in. 

1/19/20 - Currently 11:30 A.M.  We received more snow last night.  Very hard to say how much came down because it was windy as hell and was blowing everrywhere.  It's currently snowing off and on.  Decatur doesn't have as much as paw paw as far as snow goes.  I cant give exact depths but if i were to guess we may have a total of 5 or 6 inches.  I seen a couple of sleds and they came from Laawton and theyh said trails were good, but there are some big mudholes out there.  Given all the rain we have had and not cold temps that doesnt surprise me.  Assuming the trails are open, I would ride north from here.  I would assume the snow only gets better.  We open at 12:00 today!  If you are out and about, stop in! 

1/18/20 - It’s about 3:00 p.m. As I update this page. We received maybe 4” of snow. It has since rained and become very heavy, basically just slush. You can’t see the grass, it’s supposed to get colder and snow again. I would say there’s probably 3” on the ground of heavy wet snow. You definitely can’t go out and ride yet. They are calling  for lake effect snow tonight and tomorrow and Monday. Maybe we will get enough to ride then. Shows a warm up next weekend so that sums up how this winter has been. Complete shit! Will update again tomorrow. 

12/31/19 - Happy New Years Eve! We received about 2-4 inches of snow. The high winds have drifted it everywhere. Supposed to be upper 30s tomorrow and 40s the next couple days. Trails remain closed at this time. Hopefully the weather turns cold and stays there eventually soon. Have a wonderful New Years! 

12/27/19 - What a piss poor Winter that has started out as!  Nothing to update at this time.  Weather looks to be a roller coaster with no real consistent cold predicted the next 10 days.  Have a Happy New Year!  Will update again when conditions change.   

11/12/19 - Well if the trails were open i would say get out there and ride, but the trails are closed.  We recieved well over a foot in the immediate surrounding areas.  Let's hope December comes out firing on all cylinders as well.  

11/11/19 - Looks like Winter has arrived early this year!  The trails don't open up until December 1st so the only thing I can update you on as of now is current snow on the ground.  As of 6:00 P.M. we have 3"  We are supposed to get lake effect starting up here in a few hours so I will update in the morning!  Hopefully this early snow and cold weather is a sign for things to come this upcoming snowmobile season.  Fingers Crossed!  

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