Snowmobile Trail Conditions

2/8/17 - Currently 11:00 A.M.  We have received no new snow.  We have received plenty pof rain though in the past 2 weeks.  There is currently nothing on the ground and the future forecast shows nothing.  Another crap winter in SW Michigan for the second year in a row.  Hopefully we will get some freak storm that will just dump a ton of snow on us so we can get at least one ride in for the year 2017 so ill keep my fingers crossed!  Till then, Ride up North while they still have snow!

1/31/17 - Currently 11:30 A.M. We have about 4" total on the ground. It's very heavy wet snow. Today is a bit warm so that doesn't help matters any. All I can say is, its a start! South of here received only a Couple of inches. Will update again when we get more snow. 

1/27/17 - Currently 10:00 A.M.  We currently have 1" on the ground.  It's flurrying right now.  Will update again if we get more snow.  

1/26/17 - Currently 11:00 A.M.  Wow!  Been 16 days in the middle of winter to actually report something as far as trail condiions go.  Finally the weather has turned a little bit colder now and there is actually snow coming down and we have a very light dusing in the grass.  The snow predictions are all over the board for the next few days so it will just be more of the waiting game.  Keep in mind,the ground thawed out, all the lakes around here have opened back up, and there is a ton of standing water.  Things might get better by superbowl weekend if we get some snow here, we shall see!  Think snow!

1/10/17 - Currently 1:00 P.M.  It's raining and warm.  There is nothing predcited in the future snow wise, we will be back to bare ground soon enough and will be starting all over again.  This Winter started out great and is now turning into a bust, again!  We will see what happens in the future, but long term predictions show up and down temperatures for at least 10 days.  WTF!  Will update again if winter decides to come back!

1/8/17 Currently 10:30 A.M.  It's currently very lightly snowing.  We have a total of about 6-7" on the ground.  It was very windy last night so I am guessing the fields are wind blown in spots.  The trails are rideable, but don't expect great conditons.  The trail system from here to sister lakes isn't being groomed.  The further south from here you go the less snow you will find.  If you are going out, start out in Paw Paw or Gobles and head north.  The trails are being groomed in Gobles and Allegan and riders are saying fair - good conditions. I haven't heard how the kalhaven trail is headed towards South Haven is so ride that way at your own risk.  The deepest snow will be found in Allegan.  Ride while you can, they are talking a warm up this upcoming week.  

1/7/17 - Currently 10:00 A.M.  It's currently lightly snowing and we have about 5" on the ground.  It's light and fluffy, bnut the roads will be rideable where the trail goes headed towards Gobles.  I would expect not the greatest conditions from here to Gobles but they will be rideable and with temperatures predicted to almost 50 degrees next week at this point you have to ride when you can.  This winter started out pomising, but looks to be up and down temperatures for the forseeable future.  Head North as the snow will get deeper headed that way.  I am told Gobles has decent snow and so does allegan and that they will be out grooming.  Wish I had better news, but it is what it is.

1/6/17 - Currently 11:15 A.M.  We have a total of 4-5" of snow on the ground right now in Paw Paw and it's lightly snowing.  Is there enough to go riding?  Yes.  But, it's the light fluffy lake effect snow so I dont expect conditions to be good at all, but with the way this winter is headed and another warm up next week, get out and ride and head north.  Allegan has 8 plus inches of snow and the trail should be open through there now past the ski lodge.  Lawton has around 4-5" and Decatur has about 3-4".  If you want to stage here, park west of the building furthest from the trail. We have trail maps for sale inside.  

1/5/17 - Currently 10:00 A.M.  We received 1" over night with a total of 1" on the ground right now.  It's lightly snowing right now.  Wish I had better news right now, but I don't.  Will update again tomorrow.

1/4/17 - Currently 2:30 P.M.  We are under a winter advisory till tomorrow.  So far we have only received a dusting.  The cold has certainly settled in, but so far we haven't received any measureable snow.  The trials were down to nothing before today so we are starting all over once again.  Will update again tomorrow.  Think Snow!

12/27/16 - Currently 7:00 P.M.  The trails are  down to nothing.  Everything has melted and what we had is now gone.  The only positive thing that could become of this is that it stays cold, it doesnt snow for a week and the ground could actually freeze so it doesn't melt the snow from the ground up.  Will report again when something actually happens, but the next 7 days look like an up and down roller coaster temperature wise.  

12/22/16 - Currently 10:00 A.M.  Melt down mode!  It's 36 degrees, and although it's not sunny, its fairly warm out.  I would recommend staying off the trails at this point, although we have a couple snowmobilers in right now and they said the trails arent bad, they said the wooded areas are already getting down to mud.  They drove up from Niles to this point and are headed north.  Hopefully the snow will be better for them that way.  Wish I had better news to say but I dont.  Will report again once we get some measureable snow and we get through the warm up and rain this upcoming weekend.  Have a great Christmas everyone!  Think colder weather and snow!

12/21/16 - Currently 10:30 A.M.  No new snow to report.  Trails conditions have held up thus far, but there's a major warm up predicted this weekend which will quickly detterioate trail conditions.  Driftskippers, Driftbusters, Allegan snowmobile clubs have all recently groomed their trails.  For the most part, trail conditions should be good in the immediate surrounding areas.  I would recommend riding North towards Gobles, Allegan, and around South Haven.  Tonight we have snowmobile night.  Starts @ 5:00 P.M. We will have $3 Burgers, $2.50 aluminum pints. $8.99 half rack of ribs, $11.99 full rack of ribs.  We will also have the fire pit going on out back.  Come on out and ride while you can, looks like this winter might turn into a rollercoaster.  

12/20/16 - Currently 10:00 A.M.  No new snow to report.  The groomer made it's way from Lawton to Sister Lakes yesterday which should help improve conditions. Driftskippers reported they groomed last night from Keeler to Hartford so those trails should all be good.  Gobles to south haven and around allegan are all reporting good trail conditions as well. Unfotunately there's a warm up coming towards the end of the week and into the weekend, so get out and ride now while you can!  Future outlook temperature and snow wise doesn't look very good.  Tomorrow we have snowmobile night and look forward to seeing everyone!  We will have $3 burgers and $2.50 aluminum pinmts.  We also will have our rib special going on as well.  Braaaaaap!  

12/19/16 - Currently 6:00 P.M. and bitterly cold out! We received another 2-3" on the ground yesterday.  There is plenty of snow on the trails, however they are very rough.  Tons of moguls, I wouldn't recommend riding south of Paw Paw at this point unless you are mad at your back and the rest of your body and want to experience misery on a sled.  Lawton has the woe conditions at htis point.  On the plus side, the groomer is back, however they haven't gone out to groom yet and there looks to be a warm up coming this weekend and into the forseeable future.  I see the trails holding up until Thursday, but wouldn't recommend riding them this weekend.  Wish I had better news to tell you all, but I don't.  Ride from here, North!   

12/18/16 - Currently 10:30 A.M. We received about another inch of snow since yesterday up until now.  It's Currently snowing and we are supposed to get another 2-4" of snow.  Trail conditions remain unchanged, they are still in fair condition around here due to the groomer not being out.  There is plenty of snow out there with at least a 4" base, but there are moguls out there.  We have 50 cent wings and dollar tacos today and chili bread bowls all day today so stop on in.  Will update again tomorrow with snow totals, however I dont expect trail conditions to change.  

12/17/16 - Currently 11:30 A.M.  We received another 3" of snow yesterday.  There is plenty of snow on the trails, the only downfall is that the trails are still not being groomed.  There are lots of moguls between Lawton clear to Sister Lakes.  The snow gets deeper as you come closer to Paw Paw and ride towards Gobles.  I rode from Decatur to Niles and the snow gets thinner the further south you go.  The best snow is from Paw Paw to Allegan.  The trails remain in fair condition until they get groomed.  Today we are expected another 3" of snow.  We had lots of traffic here yesterday and the biggest complaint from riders was the moguls.  However, its early season riding and the way winters have been in the past, you have to take what you can get!  Have fun out there!

12/16/16 - Currently 10:00 A.M.  Yesterday we received another inch during the day which keeps our total at about 14-15".  All is calm now till the next system rolls in later this evening.  The trail is hard packed with snow and I see conditions being decent for early season riding.  The groomer is due back early next week, so finally the trails will get smoothed out.  Trail conditions look to be very good in the allegan/gobles area, for they are grooming often over there right now.  The fields have some deep snow in them so everyone that comes in seems to be having a good time!  The woods near lawton are muddy and garbage like usual, so use caution in that area.  The trails headed towards sister lakes area have plenty of snow on them, but aren't groomed.  Overall conditions remain in fair condition till they get groomed, then the conditions will improve greatly!  If you plan on staging here, please use the west lot to park your trailers.  We anticipate a busy weekend this weekend so be safe out there!  Trail maps are available for purchase inside.  See you all this weekend!  

12/15/16 - Currently 10:30 A.M. We received another 3-4" overnight and if I were to guess, there's probably 14-15" of snow on the ground right now.  The roads are snow covered and the ride to work was quite the white knuckle ride this morning!  Although they still arent grooming yet, there's plenty of snow to go riding right now.  Get out there!  We are having a hell of snowmobile season so far!  Dress warm because its quite cold out there!  if you head North from here, eventually you will hit groomed trails, from here to Sister Lakes you will not be hitting any groomed trails, but you will have plenty of snow to ride on.  I expect we will have quite a few riders in tonight and this weekend and will get their feedback on where the best conditions are on the trail system.  We are expecting another 3-6" this weekend, so there will be no lack of snow!   

12/14/16 - Currently 10:00 A.M.It's currently snowing at a good clip right now.  They are calling for another 3-5" of snow today.  We could use all the snow we could get!  There is currently a base and the snow is groomable, however with no groomer still, there will be moguls.  I took a ride from Decatur to sister lakes last night and all the trails are all snow covered and have a base.  The trails are in fair condition. I passed zero snowmobiles the whole ride so they are not getting beaten down.  The trails are also being wind blown over with snow so thats helping as well.  There is about 12" of snow in the sister lakes area, however, whichever snowmobile club maintains the trails down there are not grooming either for some reason.  So the trails have quite a few moguls there as well.  With that being said, I would rate the trails in fair condition as of right now from sister lakes through Paw Paw.  The trails will improve to good condition if the groomers get out and flaten everything out, because the snow is there, it just needs to be groomed.  Will update snow conditions tomorrow.  Remember, tonight is snowmobile night here @ Jimmy's Roadhouse Bar & Grill.  Check out our Facebook page for all the specials tonight!  Think Snow!  

12/13/16 - Currently 2:00 P.M.  We received a dusting over night, sounds like between here and lawton has poor conditions.  From here north is where everyone seems to be going.  They are forecasting snow all week so this should help improve trail conditions.  I would list the trails in fair condition as of right now.  I hear the kal haven trail is groomed and smooth right now, and the roads are rideable where the trail goes from here to gobles.  If you are trailering here please park your trailers on the west side of the building towards the back.  We have trail maps inside for $3.00... I will be taking a ride from Decatur to Sister Lakes this evening and will report those conditions tomorrow after witnessing them first hand!  Remember, tomorrow is out first night of Snowmobile night here at Jimmy's Roadhouse Bar & Grill.  Please check out our facebook page for more details!! Happy Riding!    

12/12/16 - Currently 11:00 A.M. and we have a total of around 12-13" down here in Paw Paw.  The snow last night was heavy wet snow that is perfect for building a base.  We had approximately 100 sleds roll in yesterday and the trails are in fair to good condition.  The further south you go, the thinner the snow gets.  Decatur ended up with about 7" of snow total.  With snow forecasted much of the week I expect the trails to be in good to very good condition by the weekend, as long as the snow keeps coming.  Just a reminder, there is still no groomer as they are getting repairs done.  We will be starting our snowmobile night this Wednesday which will feature $3 burgers, $2.50 aluminum bottles, $8.99 half rack of ribs, $12.99 full rack of ribs.  The $3 burgers apply only to snowmobilers.  Will update again when we get more snow, and more rider feedback comes in.   

12/10/16 - It's 10:00 A.M. and still snowing.  We picked up another 3"- 4" over night and have between 10-12" here in Paw Paw.  It's the light fluffy snow coming down, but we had quite a few riders come in last night.  It's early season riding out there but with all the snow predicted in the next week I think by next weekend the trails will have a nice base with plenty of snow to ride in.  Keep in mind, the local groomer is out for repair and the trails unfortunately will not be groomed for at least another week.  We have trail maps here if you are looking for one.  If you are out riding the further south you go from Paw Paw, the snow thins out quickly after Lawton.  Ride North.  Will update again tomorrow!

12/9/16 - As of 10:00 A.M. there is currently about 6-8" of pure white fluff on the ground and its currently a white out.  Hopefully this remains the case all day and if it does we will have quite a bit of snow!  This is all lake effect snow so its not really packing down, but its certainly a start!  Will update again tomorrow!

12/8/16 - We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning as of 10:00 A.M. this morning and they are predicting up to over a foot of snow.  It's currently lightly snowing and very windy.  Looks like the next 10 days show nothing but snow, so it looks like the snowmobile season is starting to shape up into a good one!  Let's keep our fingers crossed!  Will update again tomorrow!

12/4/16 - It's the start of a new snowmobile season and although its been a mild fall leading into December, looks like things will finally be changing weather wise!  This year at Jimmy's Roadhouse Bar & Grill we will have snowmobile night every Wednesday, weather permitting.  All snowmobilers can get $2.50 aluminum bottles and we will have burger and rib specials.  January 28th we will have a trail stop which you can meet the volunteers who groom the trails.  We will have Zeigler Motorsports here and Harbor Sports & Cycle showing off some demo sleds.  Also, if you are looking to sell your sled on this day, you can put it out on the lot.  Check out our Facbook page which can be found under Jimmy's Roadhouse Bar & Grill for all the details under the events page.  The trails are currently put in, thanks to the people at Southwest Michigan SnowStompers.  We appreciate your hard work and it doesn't go unoticed!  Check back here often for up to date trail conditions.  If you plan on staging here, please park in the far west lot away from the trail.  Please park towards the back where the gravel area is.  We also sell trail maps inside.  With that being said, think snow, braaaaaaaaaap!

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