Snowmobile Trail Conditions

1/20/21 - Currently 1:00 P.M.  The trails are currently open. We have between 4-6" of snow on the ground. It's very light fluffy lake effect snow so don't expect the greatest of conditions. We are open this weekend so be sure to stop in and visit. We open at 11:00 A.M. this Friday! Outdoors only.  Depths will vary depending on where you travel. Once i hear more snow amounts in other neighboring towns I will update accordingly.  

1/19/21 - Currently 4:30 P.M. There's currently only around 2-3" on the ground. We are under an advisory tonight for 2-4" of snow. People are wondering if there's enough to ride, as of right now there isn't. Will update again tomorrow and see how much more we receive. We also will be open outdoors this weekend snow or no snow from 11am - 9 pm. Stop on out and support us please. Think snow! Jim. 

1/2/21- Currently 9:00 A.M. We have already gone through the month of December with nothing really to report. Let's hope winter is holding out for us for January & February and maybe even March! There's currently only a couple of inches on the ground. The grass is covered and that's about it. No where else in the immediate area has anymore snow than us. A special thanks goes out to the Southwest Michigan snowstompers for getting the trail in again this year. If anyone wants to be a volunteer contact them on their Facebook page. They are always looking for help putting in and taking out the trail and with grooming. I Will report again when conditions change. Jim.


Our Address

38138 W Red Arrow Hwy.
Paw Paw, MI 49079

(269) 655-1122