Snowmobile Trail Conditions

12/1/18 - Today the trails officially open!  However, the snow we had earlier in the week has melted off, and after today's rain I assume it will be very muddy out there.  We are not expecting any snow anytime soon, but the temps look to get much colder after this weekend and hopefully the ground can start to freeze up before we start getting a bunch of snow.  That will help with snow loss.   I will report again once there is something to report.  

11/26/18 - A new snowmobiling season is upon us and with us being skunked the past 3 years, we are due for a good Winter!   Yes, I started off this blog the same way last year, but instead of 2 years of shitty Winters, now it's been 3 years!  So we are now VERY over due for a good winter!  The trails do not open until 12/1 so please stay off them as they aren't even finished putting them in yet!  As of now we have 4" of heavy wet snow, however the ground isnt frozen and there's warm up under way this week, so it really doesn't matter at this point.  It's been abnormally cold though and we have received a lot of snow lately and it's only November.  Hopefully this means good things ahead of us!  A couple things I want to mention this year is we were very close to losing a big chuck of the trail and luckily some people stepped up and helped get the trail in this year.  This trail is maintained and put in by all volunteers!   No one gets paid for doing this.  So if you guys can lend a hand at any time, the Southwest Michigan Snowstompers are always looking for help.  The original cast is growing older and are getting tired of doing this year and year out.  They need some young fresh blood to help lighten the load.  They have done their part over the years., so lets help this club out any way we can.  They have a facebook page where you can ask questions, and information on how become a member.  Please stay on the trail at all times this year, the more you go off the trail, the more you piss off landowners, and the end result is loss of trails.  Riding is a privledge not a right.  This is all private land we ride on.  So with all of that being said, obey the trail signs and dont drive all over peoples properties.  If you are looking to stage somewhere, we are located right next to the trail, it literally runs right through out parking lot.  If you want to park here please use the west parking lot furthest from the trail and please do not park over night.  We do have to plow at some point so please don't abuse the privledge.  Also, be sure to stop in for a bite to eat :)  We also will have trail maps available for purchase, given they get them done this year.  Please ask the bartender for a trail map to purchase.  Finally, we post often to the southwest michigan facebook page, with pictures with current conditions so check there often as well.  Everyone have an excellent year of riding and as John Dee would say, think snow! Braaap!   

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