Snowmobile Trail Conditions

2/28/21 - 3:00 P.M.  As I am sure everyone knows by now, the trails are closed.  All our snow is pretty much gone.  The only thing left now are snow piles.  Maybe we will get one last blast, but judging by the 10 day forecast, its not looking very promising.  Will update again when the season ends or when we get more snow.  Thanks for following!

2/21/21 - 8:00 A.M. No new snow to report. The trails were groomed again last night from from Decatur to Paw Paw. I haven't seen any other reports from the other snowmobile clubs about grooming. The trails should be smooth between there for most of the day until traffic gets heavy or if sun comes out all day again. The days of riding are winding down. Get out while you can still ride. Ride right and ride safe! 

2/20/21 - 12:00 P.M. We received a couple more inches last night. The suns in and out today with flurries. I have already talked to riders and they are all saying the trails are awesome. They were freshly groomed last night so I expect good riding in this area for most of the day. There will be lots of traffic out there today given the temps
look to warm up a bit for next week. Get out and ride!! We finally have good snow with a good base! Stop in today for a bite to eat. 

2/19/21  - 11:00 A.M. Plenty of snow on the trails to ride. All trails have been groomed from Paw Paw to Sister lakes as of last night! They will also be out grooming again today. Looks like it's possibly the last weekend to ride so get out while you can! The snow is in abundance. I seen maybe one or two fields that were thin, only because they were wind blown. The trail north of Paw Paw toward gobles is also smooth as of yesterday. I would rate the trails to be in good/very goood condition. The only bad parts are when the trail rides along the road sides. They like to make our lives hell when there's road riding for us. Enjoy the trails this weekend! I expect high traffic, and would only guess the trails will be taking a beating, but it is what it is!  Be sure to stop in for a bite to eat! 

2/16/21 - 8:00 P.M. Took a ride from Decatur to sister lakes area on the state trail. Lots of snow out there, but the trail definitely needs to be groomed that way. If the trail gets groomed I would expect the trails to be in very good condition. The trail from Decatur to paw paw has plenty of snow as well, but also needs to be groomed as well. Lets hope they groom it all week/weekend, this could be the last hoorah for the year! 

2/16/21 - 9:00 A.M.  We received another 6" over night. There's plenty of snow out there to ride. This week you will have optimal conditions out there on the trail. Riders were reporting good conditions yesterday in all locations.  Conditions now should only be better. Looks like a slight warm up by Sunday. I encourage everyone to  get out and ride while this show sticks around. I would guess that the trails will be very busy this weekend so if you want less traffic, come during the week if you can. I would say in total we have about 15-17" on the ground. I will update again if conditions change. 

2/14/21 - 9:00 A.M. The groomer was out yesterday and all riders that came in had nothing but good things to say about the trails. We picked up a couple more inches of snow last night which will continue to improve conditions. Stop on out today for Valentine's Day and grab one of our specials. This cold snowy weather won't last much longer so get out and ride while you can. The other snowmobile
clubs have been out grooming as well, so the entire southwest Michigan trail system should be in good condition. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

2/13/21 - 12:00 P.M.  We picked a couple more inches of snow last night and into this morning and its currently still snowing.  This sbould only help improve trail conditions.  I am hearing the trails are good besides the sides of the roads being scraped down to nothing.  I have complained to Van Buren County Road Commision pleading with them to leave at least 3 feet for snowmoiles to run down and they are giving pushback about it.  Maybe if others go to their facebook page and complain maybe they will start to listen.  Get out and ride as the weather looks to eventuall warm up a bit throughout next week.  When you sotp in today, give us feedback on trail conditions.  We also have trail maps availble for purchase.  

2/11/21 - 4:00 P.M. We haven't received any new snow the ost couple days, however we haven't lost any snow either. We are supposed to get a little tonight, but then 2-4 tomorrow night through the weekend. Looking at the long term forecast you have this weekend and next weekend to ride around here. There's enough to ride now, so if you are contemplating what to do, better decide quick. We are reaching that point in winter where the temps will swing more drastically. They have been grooming the trails, so conditions should be good. See you all this weekend! 

2/9/21 - 4:00 P.M. We received a couple more inches last night. The sun has been in and out today. Not doing much melting other than on pavement. Trails look nice and white! Talked to a few snowmobilers yesterday and they said the wooded areas have some snirt in them. Temps look to remain cold, and snow showers for the rest of the week and some system snow this weekend. Conditions are only improving throughout the week. 

2/8/21 - 4:00 P.M. The groomer was out today and groomed the whole southwest michigan snowstompers trail system.  He reported the trails to be in good shape.  The woods were thin in spots as to be expected.  We are currently under a snowadvisory for 2-4 inches of snow ecpected today.  If we continue to get a couple of inches per day this week, I ecpect very good conditions for this weekend, until of course they get heavy traffic on them then they will probably get a bit rough.  If you want the best conditions I would recommend coming up during the week.  Be safe out there and have fun.  Will update again when we condtions change.  We also sell trail maps here at the restaurant if you are in need of a map.  

2/7/21 - 9:00 A.M.  We received a couple more inches throughout the day/evening. Conditions should only keep improving. We need a good dump of 4-5 inches to get things in really good shape for us. We had a lot of snowmobile traffic yesterday and it sounds like from Lawton south, conditions aren't the greatest yet. Sounds like from paw paw north there's more snow to be had. With the cold temperatures in place we have had zero snow loss. Stop in today and grab some wings, as they are in special. We will be closing today at 5:30 though. 

2/6/21 - 1:00 A.M. I won't have much time in the morning to give an update but all the riders that came in today are reporting good riding conditions. The groomer was out packing down the snow tonight. He said there were a few spots blown over, but he said overall he was pleased with what he had seen. It's been snowing off and on all day and it's currently snowing as we speak. The conditions will only continue to improve. Winters come late this year, but at least the foreseeable future is looking promising in the cold department and the snow department. Thank you all who stop in and we look forward to seeing you this weekend! 

2/5/21 - Currently 10:00 A.M. We received another 3" of snow. A couple inches was heavy wet snow which was very good for the trail base, now we are getting lake effect snow which is very powdery. The wind is howling and it's cold as hell out. It's hard to say how conditions will be given the hurricane winds we got going on. The conditions could have only improved since last week. We are due to get snow all weekend long. Conditions will only improve on the trails. I will update again once I get some rider feedback. Bundle up if you hit the trials this weekend. We look forward to seeing you! 

2/2/21 - Currently 10:00 A.M. the sun was out yesterday and today currently. It's not help conditions any, but we aren't losing much snow either due to the cold temps. I would recommend staying off the trails until we get more snow. We have a base going now, and by the end of the week we look to be getting smacked with more snow, and lots of lake effect. Let's hope this holds true and we get it by this weekend! Trail conditions will be vastly improved if this is the case. Thanks to those who stopped out this last Sunday. Nice chatting with you all! Will update again when conditions change! 

1/31/21 - Currently 8:00 A.M. We received a few more inches. All trails will be rideable today with fair/good conditions. The winds were heavy last night so it's hard to tell exactly how much came down, but there's enough to ride! This is our first decent rideable snow this year so get out while you can.  We will have our restaurant open outdoors this afternoon starting at noon. We will be serving hot dogs, hot chocolate, and have a full service bar, with a fire pit and tent heater. Ride safe! 

1/26/21 - Currently 9:00 A.M. We ended up only receiving just a couple of inches of snow, with very light snow currently coming down. There definitely isn't enough for any kind of good riding. They are calling for another round of snow this weekend, let's hope there's actually a decent amount this time around. It's looking like another one of those years again where we get hardly any snow! Sucks! Will update again when conditions change.

1/20/21 - Currently 1:00 P.M.  The trails are currently open. We have between 4-6" of snow on the ground. It's very light fluffy lake effect snow so don't expect the greatest of conditions. We are open this weekend so be sure to stop in and visit. We open at 11:00 A.M. this Friday! Outdoors only.  Depths will vary depending on where you travel. Once i hear more snow amounts in other neighboring towns I will update accordingly.  

1/19/21 - Currently 4:30 P.M. There's currently only around 2-3" on the ground. We are under an advisory tonight for 2-4" of snow. People are wondering if there's enough to ride, as of right now there isn't. Will update again tomorrow and see how much more we receive. We also will be open outdoors this weekend snow or no snow from 11am - 9 pm. Stop on out and support us please. Think snow! Jim. 

1/2/21- Currently 9:00 A.M. We have already gone through the month of December with nothing really to report. Let's hope winter is holding out for us for January & February and maybe even March! There's currently only a couple of inches on the ground. The grass is covered and that's about it. No where else in the immediate area has anymore snow than us. A special thanks goes out to the Southwest Michigan snowstompers for getting the trail in again this year. If anyone wants to be a volunteer contact them on their Facebook page. They are always looking for help putting in and taking out the trail and with grooming. I Will report again when conditions change. Jim.


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