Snowmobile Trail Conditions

2/21/19 - Well it’s another dog shit year for snowmobiling in Southwest Michigan! However, looks like it’s been a record year for snowfall in the u.p.  Hopefully everyone has or is getting a chance to ride up there right now as they got several feet of snow on the ground! They show very cold temps rolling into march here but I am not seeing any snow with it so who knows. All I know is I got to ride the trails twice this year! WTF!  It’s tough being a die hard snowmobiler and never getting any snow to ride around here!  

2/13/19 - We received 4-6” of snow last night and it is still snowing. It would be perfect for starting all over again with, but naturally it will first be in the 40s tomorrow before it gets cold for the foreseeable future, so I expect this will all be close to being gone. I am guessing as desperate as we are all getting at this point if you are around today you will probably go out and ride so if you do, ride safe and we will be open if you want to stop in. My thoughts so far on this current winter are this, what a pile of shit we have been dealt for the third year in the row now! Why can’t we just have a decent winter already! Okay I am done with my rant. Will update again when there’s something to report! 

2/4/19 - The trials are toast! Only thing left around here now are snow piles! Back to square one again! Chalk the 2018/2019 winter up as another pile of shit year for snowmobiling! Will report again when or if the snow returns. 

2/3/19 - Well the trails were fun while they lasted. We didn’t even make it through half the day yesterday and they were already turning into crap! All trails in surrounding areas are closed due to the warm temps. I don’t foresee us making it through this warmup with any snow left on the trail considering it’s sunny now and in the 40s and I already see grass every where but we will wait and see. Got to meet a lot of snowmobilers this weekend at The restaurant and it was a pleasure talking to you all. Thank you for your patronage! Hope to see you all again very soon. 

2/2/19 - 6:00 P.M. update. Due to the warm temps and the warm weather, the snowstompers trails are closed via the snowstompers request. Please stay off them until the temps cool back down so we can protect what we have. Thank you! 

2/2/19 - Temperatures are on the rise! Get out while you can! It’s currently sunny and 20 degrees. I went out on a ride yesterday from Decatur to Timber Ridge in Gobles and the conditions were good. If the groomer goes out the conditions will be great! The groomer is currently out doing the south section of the trail near sister lakes. I expect conditions to be very good there. Overall the trail is good but it won’t hold up very well after today. Tomorrow and Monday the clubs are asking to stay off the trail to save the base through the warmup. If you are out here in paw paw today stop in for a bite to eat.  Have fun out there today! 

2/1/19 - We received a dusting over night. The groomer has been out as of last night. They are reporting an 8-10” base. The trails are nice and flat. Today will be an excellent day to ride. We open at 11 am today so please stop in. Have fun out there!

1/31/19 - Currently 10:00 A.M. We received a couple inches more yesterday, but now have bright sunny skies. It’s still very cold out, but the warm up starts now. If you can take tomorrow off then come up today and get at least 2 days of decent riding in. Even now Saturday isn’t looking very good. Typical, goes from record cold to record highs in a 3 days span, what a joke!! Tomorrow (Friday) we open up at 11:00 A.M.. if you want to trailer here please use the west lot furthest from the trail. The trail is located just on the other side of the building. Trail conditions are currently very good. There’s an excellent base right now and hopefully they groom a couple more times before the warm up moves in. Trails will be very good anywhere you go. Have fun out there! 

1/30/19 - Currently 11:00 A.M. The snow continues. It’s been snowing for days now and there is plenty of snow out there. There’s so much snow you could get lost out there! Trail conditions will be superb if they are out grooming them. We are closed today due to the weather, however we will be open tomorrow during normal hours. Friday we are opening at 11 am so be sure to stop in for lunch. Moving forward this week, if you can call off work on Friday, come up tomorrow for the weekend! Friday and Saturday look  to be the only rideable days as far as temps go. Trails will be at their best tomorrow and Friday and Saturday they will start to get beat down due to the temps. Sunday will be a wash. 

1/29/18 - Currently 9:00 A.M. We have received snow, and lots of it. There is easily over a foot out there and is currently still snowing and will continue to snow until Thursday.  I took a ride from Decatur to Sister Lakes and the trails are plenty deep. The wind is creating drifting which in turn there were quite a few moguls. They have sincere groomed late last night and have flattened it al out. If the wind keeps up, this will continue to be the only problem. There is plenty of snow to go around and you could drive from here to Northern Michigan right now if you want. I rate the the trails very good right now in any direction you choose to go. All the snowmobile clubs are out grooming and they are all stating very good conditions. Get out and ride! We are expecting a lot of snowmobile traffic Friday and Saturday and we will be opening earlier than usual at 11:00 am Friday for lunch. If you plan to trailer here use the west lot and park towards the back please. The snow is finally here everyone!! Finally!! Happy trails to you! 

1/28/19 - Currently 10:00 A.M. As I write this, it’s snowing hard, and also blowing very hard. Trails are open, and conditions all around the area are immediately upgraded to good. It’s supposed to keep snowing for days. Get out and ride! Wednesday will be a challenge with the bitterly cold, but looking ahead to Sunday they are calling for rain and 40s. This week will probably be best conditions to ride this year. I can’t predict the future, but with the way this years been, don’t take any chances. If you are planning to travel up here and ride, I would seriously consider taking Friday off and getting a couple days of decent  riding in before the one day warm up that will screw up the trail. I will update again later or tomorrow morning, but we have already received enough snow to make conditions rideable all over. Keep doing the snow dance, the more the merrier! 

1/27/19 - Currently 11:00 A.M. We received a couple more inches of snow last night and this will only help improve conditions. The latest word is all the trails have been groomed by southwest michigan snowstompers.  The snow is light, but they are finally grooming and filling in the holes on the trail.  Late tonight through Tuesday we are supposed to get quite a bit of system snow. If this holds true this will put our trail conditions at very good given the groomers go out and start grooming.  If you are out riding today, anything south of Lawton is garbage. Travel from Paw Paw towards the lake for best conditions. All riders said it gets deeper the closer you get to the lake. Sounds like Allegan has the best snow right now. All the roads are fairly snow covered though so the trail between paw paw and gobles should be okay. Stop in today and let us know how the trails are! 

1/26/19 - A quick update.  We received a dusting overnight.  The best snow to be found will be from Lawton towards Paw Paw towards Gobles/South haven/Allegan.  Sister lakes area is reporting poor conditions.  They are calling for some snow tonight and then decent amount on Monday.  Conditions should only inprove from ere on out.  If you plan to stage here, park your trailers in the west lot away from the trail.  

1/25/19 - Currently 2:00 P.M. We received some lake effect snow last nigt through today.  We received about 4-6" here in Paw Paw.  Decatur received about 4"  of lake effect snow.  The wind is blowing so it could either be a good thing or bad.  If it's blowing the snow on the trail great, if it's blowing it off the trail then not great!  I am fairly certain people will be out riding this weekend, however by next weekend if the forecasts hold true, the conditions will be very good on the trails.  We are finally building a base, and snow is forecasted almost every day. If you plan on going out riding, I would expect conditons at best to be fair.  Ride Towards the lake.  The closer you get to the lake, the more snow you will find.  Haven't heard what's south of us towards sister lakes, but around here there is some decent snow.  Keep in mind though is is very light snow tha will pound down to nothing basically.  We certainly do not have 4" of base on the trail though to officially say the trails are open so, I will leave it at that.  If you are out this way though stop on in!  

1/23/19 - All it took was one day of warmer temps and rain to just about wipe away the entire trail back down to dirt.  Never fails!! It's supposed to stay cold after today, and they show snow off and on the next 10 days so we will see what happens.  Will update again when there's something to update. 

1/20/19 - We received a total of about 7" - 8" of snow yesterday.  There was about 100 sleds that rolled through the restaurant here and every single person that walked in here had a smile ear to ear.  People are just happy to finally be out riding.  The conditions of the trails are up in the air.  One person says roads were good where the trails runs, kal haven trail is good, the south loop was good but there were a few chisel cut fields that sucked and another person says the trails are mud and dirt.  If there's mud out there at -1 degrees then that must be a swamp they are passing through.  Since I haven't been out there to see the trails myself and going off what people are saying I would rate them poor to fair.  Snowstompers is asking people in a subtle way to not ride the trails at this time, and to save whats out there, but with a mixed bag of crap coming on Tuesday, I dont know that it will make a difference if you ride them or not at this point.  So I will just stay neutral.  Will update again when there's something to report. 

1/19/19 - About 5-6" of snow has come down and still currently snowing at 1:00 P.M.  It's light and fluffy.  We haven't received jack shit for snow all year, and finally there's something worth writing about.  They say there should be at least 4" of base to ride, but if they arent panning the trails, 4" of base will never occur if no one packs them down.  So the trails are going to be beginning season riding, but with the way this winter is going, ride while you can.  If snowmobilers stop in, ill update conditions tomorrow.  Hopefully, this will be the start of winter and the snow keeps coming.  

1/15/19 - We currently have about 2" on the ground.  Just enough to cover the grass, nothing more than that.  It's been cold, the ground is freezing up nicely and we are finally headed in the right direction.  They are calling for a possible snow storm this weekend, but the exact details are not etched in stone as for its too far out still.  Hopefully that low pressure tracks a bit further north at this point so we can get in the heart of the significant snow.  Fingers crossed!  Next week is showing snow throughout the week so I am hoping by next weekend the trails will have plenty of snow!  Let's hope things work out in our favor for once!  Will update again when conditions change.    

1/7/19 - It's a new Year and still no snow!  What a sad year for us snow lovers!  I have never seen a snowless Winter like we are having now.  We are halfway through the season and my sled hasn't even left the garage.  They say it's going to get cold eventually, but as of right now, I am not seeing it.  Hopefully they are right and I am wrong.  Will update again when theres something to talk about.  Cross your fingers and do a snow dance please!    

12/17/18 - Starting to feel like Spring out there yet it's mid December.  Looks like the Month of December is a bust, so maybe our fortunes will change come January... Have a great upcoming Christmas & New Years if we have nothing to report before then.  

12/1/18 - Today the trails officially open!  However, the snow we had earlier in the week has melted off, and after today's rain I assume it will be very muddy out there.  We are not expecting any snow anytime soon, but the temps look to get much colder after this weekend and hopefully the ground can start to freeze up before we start getting a bunch of snow.  That will help with snow loss.   I will report again once there is something to report.  

11/26/18 - A new snowmobiling season is upon us and with us being skunked the past 3 years, we are due for a good Winter!   Yes, I started off this blog the same way last year, but instead of 2 years of shitty Winters, now it's been 3 years!  So we are now VERY over due for a good winter!  The trails do not open until 12/1 so please stay off them as they aren't even finished putting them in yet!  As of now we have 4" of heavy wet snow, however the ground isnt frozen and there's warm up under way this week, so it really doesn't matter at this point.  It's been abnormally cold though and we have received a lot of snow lately and it's only November.  Hopefully this means good things ahead of us!  A couple things I want to mention this year is we were very close to losing a big chuck of the trail and luckily some people stepped up and helped get the trail in this year.  This trail is maintained and put in by all volunteers!   No one gets paid for doing this.  So if you guys can lend a hand at any time, the Southwest Michigan Snowstompers are always looking for help.  The original cast is growing older and are getting tired of doing this year and year out.  They need some young fresh blood to help lighten the load.  They have done their part over the years., so lets help this club out any way we can.  They have a facebook page where you can ask questions, and information on how become a member.  Please stay on the trail at all times this year, the more you go off the trail, the more you piss off landowners, and the end result is loss of trails.  Riding is a privledge not a right.  This is all private land we ride on.  So with all of that being said, obey the trail signs and dont drive all over peoples properties.  If you are looking to stage somewhere, we are located right next to the trail, it literally runs right through out parking lot.  If you want to park here please use the west parking lot furthest from the trail and please do not park over night.  We do have to plow at some point so please don't abuse the privledge.  Also, be sure to stop in for a bite to eat :)  We also will have trail maps available for purchase, given they get them done this year.  Please ask the bartender for a trail map to purchase.  Finally, we post often to the southwest michigan facebook page, with pictures with current conditions so check there often as well.  Everyone have an excellent year of riding and as John Dee would say, think snow! Braaap!   

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